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Later that month, Hollyson, Knight and Denham planned to meet to sexually abuse the boy but could not do so as Hollyson was in hospital.

In April 2014, Toms administered drugs to a four-year-old boy to allow him and Knight to abuse him. The attacks were carefully planned, with defendants driving hundreds of miles to commit their crimes. Those choices have proved catastrophic for you personally but that is of slight concern when compared with the devastating impact of your actions on the victims and their families.'The material you viewed and the urges you excited in each other were matters of choice for you.

Under the management of Malcolm Mc Laren, a visual artist, performer, clothes designer and boutique owner, the band provoked controversies that garnered a significant amount of publicity.

Their concerts repeatedly faced difficulties with organisers and local authorities, and public appearances often ended in mayhem.

Despite helping to boost the show's ratings to the highest in six years, one of Johnson's skits has caused controversy due to the outrageous nature of its punchline.

Johnson played mad scientist Roy, a contestant in the "Annual Most Evil Invention In The World Contest." While his fellow scientists showed off their respective freeze and shrink rays capable of altering the composition of major landmarks, Roy's invention was decidedly more horrifying: A solar-powered, child-molesting robot.

According to Uproxx, reactions to the skit are mixed.

Subjects addressed in their frequently obscene lyrics included the music industry, consumerism, abortion, violence, apathy, anarchy, fascism, the British Royal Family and the Holocaust.

I’m talking today with Paul Oyer, Professor of Economics at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

SARAH GREEN: So Paul, I’d like to just kick off by talking a little bit about the economic concept of search costs.

Yoder’s contact with the girl began with a random text sent to her phone.

When the child’s parents learned of their daughter’s contact with Yoder, they took control of her phone and continued communicating with Yoder, who sent about 600 texts, as well as nude photos and explicit videos to the girl. Seeing the we always joke about the amish committing various acts, here's a case where one really did.

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