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I'm wondering when are you guys going to fix the ID verification for Romanian papers?

I am having a lot of issues because of this and I would like to know why is Romania the only country out of your 33 supported countries that is experiencing this kind of problem. I've seen previous posts about this issue dating back to summer 2016 and STILL there is not a fix for this..

The film shows women involved in begging by day and prostitution and bank card theft at night, while large sums were shown to be sent from Norway to Romania.

The documentary has stirred significant debate in the country, with Prime Minister Erna Solberg saying that Norwegians should “think through” whether they give money to beggars.

Melciu, 26, knows better than anybody the pros and cons of swapping his native Timisoara for Malmö.

A trained mechanical engineer, he came to Sweden in 2009 hoping get into a prestigious technical university.

In Sweden, a truck driver will make 17,000 kronor minimum so it is big difference." He said his degree from one of the biggest universities in Romania had not been enough to get into his college of choice, and that so far the extra courses he had gotten under his belt had not yielded any results. (Editor's note: Melciu found out a few days after this article was published that he had been accepted to Chalmers Institute of Technology.) Melciu says he wasn't in the least bit surprised to learn that a compatriot in Uppsala revealed to The Local that putting a fake Swedish surname on his CV saw him called in for interview, when previous job hunts had proved fruitless.Solberg’s Høyre (Conservative) party supports reintroducing the ban should there be parliamentary support.A number of beggars from the Roma community in Bergen have said that they have noticed a change in atmosphere overnight since the documentary was broadcast, reports newspaper Bergens Tidende.Just remove the country from your list then, if that is the case, you would save many people a lot of trouble and time... You can get Tier 3 verified with 0,000 monthly deposit and withdrawal limit.Having the same problem, I can't verify my passport.

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