Updating virtual devices daemon

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A VSX Gateway is a physical machine that hosts virtual "networks", consisting of virtual devices that provide the functionality of their physical network counterparts such as: Security Gateways, routers and switches.A VSX Gateway performs the following tasks: A management server (Security Management Server or Multi-Domain Server) connects to the VSX Gateway and provides provisioning and configuration services for virtual devices located on the VSX Gateway.The tab shows the list of read and write modes available for the chosen drive.The tab is active only if an image is mounted to the drive and shows the parameters of this image.This architecture segregates management traffic from all other traffic passing through the VSX Gateway.Check Point recommends that remote management connections use a dedicated management interface (DMI) that connects directly to a router or switch that leads to the external network or the Internet.

You can update main part of the shown info in Device Parameters.

You can choose to use a non-dedicated management interface by connecting a Virtual Router or Virtual Switch to the management interface.

When management traffic passes through a Virtual Router or Virtual Switch, you must ensure that the associated Warp Link IP address originates from the remote network.

It is sometimes possible to spot virtual drives right away, for instance if they have virtual in their name. If you know the brand and model of your built-in DVD, CD or Blu-Ray drive you can select the other drives easily to uninstall them.

If you do not know those information, you could look at the drive type.

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