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All of these are placed in the context of the long ages timescale commonly assumed by geologists.

Because of its hardness and durability, the Hawkesbury Sandstone not only provides a solid foundation for downtown Sydney’s skyscrapers, but is an excellent building material.

Many varieties of fish and even sharks have been discovered in patterns consistent with sudden burial in a catastrophe. The Hawkesbury Sandstone has been assigned a Middle Triassic ‘age’ of around 225–230 million years by most geologists.

This is based on its fossil content, and on its relative position in the sequence of rock layers in the region (the Sydney Basin).

You never quite know what beers will be on at ‘The Junction’; you can’t be 100% sure they will taste exactly the same as when you sampled that brew before.

When you want to buy some apples you can only choose Granny Smiths; Golden Delicious or Braeburns.

Over the past few decades there has been a drive to make food and drink taste the same.

I also oversee the chemical pretreatment in the ANU radiocarbon laboratory, so if you have queries about dating a specific sample type or radiocarbon dating in general, please do not hesitate to email.

Popular science articles about radiocarbon dating My research focuses on the production of accurate radiocarbon dates that can be used to build chronologies.

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