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It hasn't been easy - my brother hasn't spoken to me since I had the rhinoplasty - but I've never felt better."The most beautiful country is currently Sweden and plunging to the ugliest country in the world with the lowest acceptance rate is the United Kingdom.At the moment, Sweden is the country with the most beautiful people and plunging to the ugliest country in the world with the lowest acceptance rate is the United Kingdom.According to latest reports, the Company has taken down its server the infamous no password Mongo DB database.Both the parties claim that their database contains real-time information like names, email addresses, encoded passwords, geo-location information, and more than 100 personal data traits featuring sexual preferences, hobbies, drinking habits, favorite movies, and plenty of other data characteristics that are a signature for these dating websites.

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The site decided to help the two make a connection by launching this service but have not developed relationships with clinics beyond this in an effort to remain impartial.

People are so desperate to join an elite dating site catering to beautiful people that they are undergoing plastic surgery to make the cut.

Dating website Beautiful has already turned down 7.5 MILLION people since 2003 because they weren't good-looking enough But one in four rejected applicants are so desperate to be accepted on the internet dating site that they are going under the knife, toning up at the gym or having extreme makeover to try and beautify themselves.

To become a member of the site, applicants must submit a photo and profile and be voted beautiful enough by a majority of members from the opposite sex. The site now claims over 750,000 members around the world who pay monthly subscriptions that average around -.

Most members stay for about three months, and Hodge said overall revenue continues to grow.

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